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🚀 Simulate one year production in just a minute to boost efficiency.

Uppdaterat: 14 juni 2023

⏳ On our mission to optimize the manufacturing industry we use simulation tools to create DIGTIAL TWINs. In this way we can analyze the collected production data and swiftly see the outcome of changes. By using real data or even connected to PLC, bottlenecks and queue's are easily observed and eliminated.

💰 Before making hardware changes on production lines, it’s much moooooore cost efficient to do it in a simulated environment. Find out what difference it will make to add/remove resources? Will there be RoI by implementing a robot etc.

Step1. Collect data

Step2. Utilize the collected data by simulating possible changes.

Intelligent Bridge help you on your digital journey, from ideas to action.

The whole team have performed advanced training in Visual Components and we are already on the roll creating customers full production line.

Thank you Visual Component for a great training!

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