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Connecting industrial data with digital analysis

We help manufactoring companies and infrastructure to bridge the gap between plant floor automation and the enterprise software, from sensor to analysis. Intelligent digitalisation that create a sustainable future and bolster competitive.

Smart city
Industry 4.0

We help you with digitalisation

Smart Manufactoring

Intelligent Bridge offer advise, software development and hardware for industry and infrastructure. Enabling Industry 4.0 with everything from sensor to advanced analytics. We can connect to any control system or sensor on the market.

4 steps to start for a more sustainable future

Time based or condition based maintenance

Conditionbased Maintenace

Manual or Automatic checklist inspection

Automatic reporting

Predicitive maintenace

Predicted Maintenace

Smart effectiveness sOEE


Our offer


To succeed, we think it is important to develop a clear digitalisation vision and strategy. Our customers agree, but many lack the skills or resources to implement it. Intelligent Bridge develops a solution that can be implemented from day 1 and last in the future.

Know how

With more than 20 years experience in digital automation of all types, we understand you. We can immediately see what your plant needs to become smarter and produce better. Together, we develop short- and long-term measures.

  1. Plant analysis

  2. Strategy & vision

  3. Deliver soft and hardware

  4. Programming of PLC, HMI etc.

  5. Start data collection 

  6. Present realtime graphics

  7. Advanced analytics & machine learning

Organizational change

One make a successful digital transformation for people, not technology. In most cases, changes in roles and hierarchies are needed to take advantage of the positive effects. Intelligent Bridge dare to break old behaviour.

Project management

Bridging IT / OT requires many parts involved. The machine side must cooperate with the IT department and at the same time meet the management's requirements.
Intelligent Bridge advises, guides at all levels and ensures that the goals are achieved.


No two installations are alike. With a large network of expertise in IT / OT, we create a cost-effective complete solution adapted to your facility. Everything from sensor to Artificial intelligence. We deliver a complete commitment and you only need one contact.

Our offer

Integration & Sales Partners for:

Stream Analytics

& Integration

Eventdriven All-in-one Platform


We look forward to collaborating with you.

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