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ReMAKE: Automation for a sustainable textile production

Bad Facts: 👇

- One of the worst polluting industries in the world are the textile.

- By itself it is responsible for ~10% of global CO2 emissions.

- ~70% of donated garments are sent to trash due to defect.

Science Park BorĂ„s are currently innovating a production line where secondhand clothes are automatically repaired. It’s important to keep the garment intact, since 80% of CO2 comes from preparation such as dyeing and washing.

Intelligent Bridge are supporting the project with:

✔ Automation for manufacturing

✔ 3D printing

✔ Digital twin

The Swedish national television TV4 highlighted the project in this week’s financial news as it creates value in a circular economy.

Contact Intelligent Bridge to discuss industry 4.0 or textile.


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