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4 steps to start for a more sustainable future

Time based maintenance

  • Unnecessary consumption of maintenance materials due to fixed schedule

  • Critical maintenance is missed in the event of unplanned overproduction, which leads to a breakdown

  • Staff are not utalized in the best way

High maintenace cost

Condition based maintenace

  • Maintenance is only done when and where it is needed. Calculated by e.g. operating time and measured health

  • Better planning

  • Maximizes the life of spare parts

Large savings

Time based or Condition based maintenance

Conditionbased Maintenace

Manual or Automatic checklist inspection

Automatic reporting

Manuell checklist inspection

  • Increased risk of errors in each joint due to human factor and stress

  • Not detailed

  • Risk of delay due to more urgent measures

  • Occupies valuable human resources  

Not reliable solution 

Automatic checklist inspection

  • Real time and always reported

  • More accurate and detailed

  • Enables continuous and automatic improvements


Increased insights

Predicted Maintenace.jpg

Unknown status of machine health

  • Unplanned stops with long stops

  • Breakdowns in critical production 

Stora risker i produktion 

Predictive maintenace

  • Detect anomalies

  • Minimizes stops and enable to pre-order spare parts. Provides short planned stops

  • Easier trouble shooting

  • Add temperature and vibration measurement for better prediction

Avoid breakdowns

Predictive maintenance


To not know the reality

  • Are resources used in most optimised way?

Do not know the real efficiency or what gains that
can be made

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  • KPI based on analytics

  • Continuous quality measurement

  • Real-time data with availability and machine utilization

  • Detailed troubleshooting information

  • Eliminates unnecessary energy use

  • Enables better planning

Increased production & customer satisfaction

Smart effectiveness sOEE

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